What is Micro-volunteering?

Perfect for busy modern lifestyles, micro-volunteering is quick, easy and provides low commitment action that delivers a huge benefit to a worthy cause. The actions might be a task that could be accomplished as a whole unit from start to finish by one person within, say 30 minutes or it might be an action that could be broken down into its component parts where an individual is just one of many people performing the same task to achieve an end result.

Examples of Micro-volunteering include:

  • A supermarket bag pack
  • Support at a one-off charity event
  • Helping a local good cause with social media
  • Using your skills to create craftwork to be used as raffle prize

How can I sign up for micro-volunteering?

Just browse through all of the opportunities listed on our events page and pick one you like the sound of. Then simply complete the Coventry 4 Good volunteer registration form and send it to to us (don't forget to tell us which opportunity interests you) on Email: info@coventry4good.org

If you would like to get involved but can't find an opportunity that interests you, please contact the team on Tel: 024 7622 0381, Email: info@coventry4good.org