Monday, 28th September 2015

The Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group meets weekly for asylum seekers, refugees and people who want to support them in Coventry. People talk, share their experiences and offer each other support and understanding as well as the chance to learn more about their rights in the asylum system, and opportunities and events to get involved in.

Coventry 4 Good funding has enabled us to provide a meal each week for three months. It is important for us to be able to provide food at our meetings for two main reasons.

The first is that as many of our members are living with very minimal or no financial support and no right to work therefore they struggle to get enough nutritious and filling meals. The second is that sharing food cooked by our members is an important way of building community, we have many members from different cultures and languages and sharing food is a way to bring people together and share something together.

Upwards of 30 people have attended each meeting, some people for a week or two, other members have attended each meeting over the 3 months. CARAG members come from a range of...more

Friday, 25th September 2015
Coventry4Good support local causes and gave a grant to the Redeemed Christian Church of God. They have said thanks for the support received and tell us what they have done with the funding below.

"We are very glad and fortunate to have benefited...more

Thursday, 24th September 2015

The date is Sunday 4th October, and we are looking for people to contribute in a variety of ways.

The first thing you could do is run or walk 3 miles, and raise money for Coventry 4 Good. 

Another way would be to act as a marshal on the day

The third thing you could do would be to help out on our stall...more

Friday, 18th September 2015

Local voluntary and community groups interested in a large, egg-shaped conference table or computer tables should contact Coventry City Mission as soon as possible.

Conference table dimensions:

244cm at its widest point

340cm long

73cm high

It splits into three sections for transporting, has a hollow centre for storage and hatches for power sockets etc.

Computer table dimensions (2 available):

(80 x 80cm) and 74cm high

Anyone interested would need to arrange collection. Please contact Darren on 07773 026982 or email

Friday, 14th August 2015

Coventry 4 Good staff and supporters would like to thank the friends and family of Ron Parker who sadly passed away on the 19th July 2015 for the donations made to Coventry 4 Good at his funeral on the 7th August.

The funds received will be added to the Coventry 4 Good grant scheme for distribution to good causes in Coventry.

Please see the obituary attached.