Friday, 15th February 2019

Spring has brought a bit of sunshine this year for a number of small community groups who received funding from Coventry 4 Good to help them continue the work they do in the City.  Awards were presented on at 8th February 2019 at Voluntary Action Coventry; 27-29 Trinity Street, Coventry to five Coventry based good causes.

The Coventry 4 Good initiative ensures that all the money raised in Coventry stays in Coventry and goes towards helping small volunteer led groups continue their work.  This year the five groups receiving funds include: The Friends of Spencer Park are a group of residents who are seeking to improve the provisions in Spencer Park and Recreation Ground to help improve community cohesion by providing a meeting hub. Ayriss...more

Thursday, 15th February 2018



Voluntary Action Coventry is delighted to announce that seven Coventry based voluntary groups have benefited from the Coventry 4 Good Grant Fund which provides small grants to local good causes within Coventry.  This is the third round of the awards which are funded entirely from donations raised by volunteers and supporters at events, through on-line giving and through contributions from businesses and local organisations.  The grants will help these seven voluntary groups to continue providing services and support to vulnerable people or disadvantaged communities in the City. The successful groups are:

The Notables a group of people with learning disabilities will use the funds to sustain their music and performance sessions whilst they seek longer term room hire arrangements.

Canley Uniting Communities received funds to help them run their Pop-Up café in April which will bring...more

Friday, 26th January 2018

Are you a local business that has storage space available and would like to put it to good use? We are aware of numerous Coventry charities that are in need or free or very low cost storage space and any help would be much appreciated.

If you can help please email or call 024 7622 0381 and speak to Sue Ogle.

Friday, 25th August 2017

The Community Development Service in partnership with Coventry City Council ICT Department have secured a number of recycled laptops for distribution to community groups and voluntary sector organisations across the city. 

This is an exciting scheme that will support the sector to increase access to digital technologies and will also help the sector to become stronger, improve services and introduce new services for the residents of Coventry.

This scheme is primarily aimed at those with little or limited access to digital technology or projects that target those with limited access or can use the equipment as a way to alleviate social isolation.

The application form and further information can be found at the link below:

Friday, 7th July 2017

In March 2017 we announced that 9 local voluntary and community groups had successfully secured funding through the Coventry 4 Good grants scheme. Lets see how some of the groups spent the funds:

Timeout Counselling

Timeout Counselling are a gender and sexual diversity specialist counselling service. They used the Coventry 4 good grant to send two counsellors on Pink Therapy training in June, to allow them growth in their training. Both of their counsellors found the training helped to solidify their knowledge and comfort with counselling in gender and sexual diversity. 

One counsellor said of the training "The working with gender identity training was invaluable for my practice - it helped me reflect on and deepen my understanding on how gender is constructed; supported and updated my knowledge about processes at Gender Identity Clinics and gave me space to further explore my sense of my own gender and how this impacts on the counselling relationship."

Another counsellor said "What I found most rewarding about the training was the sharing of personal lived experience of gender identity, and the...more